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Three Critical Strategies for Influencing Students’ Success - An EDUCAUSE ELI session CirQlive is sp

Succeeding at college is hard for students, especially when they are the first in their family to take higher education classes or if they face some mental health concerns. In this anticipated session, two senior officials will highlight three critical strategies they use to remove barriers that can impair student success. Berenecea Johnson Eanes, the vice president for student affairs at Cal State Fullerton (@VP_BJEanes) -- presenting at the EDUCAUSE ELI (@EDUCAUSELI) conference in Anaheim on Feb. 20 -- will include how her university addresses students’ health and financial capability. Also, Amelia Parnell, the vice president for research and policy at NASPA, (@AmeliaParnell) will highlight national trends about programming to help students thrive.

At CirQlive, we are all about education and removing any barriers that stand between students and success. Sometimes those barriers are because of the technology. That’s exactly why CirQlive came into being. We noticed that scheduling web-conferences was a major pain. The systems wouldn’t work within the LMS so faculty had to copy and paste the link from the web-conference (they scheduled in some other application) into their LMS. Then the students had to either go look in the notes or onto the calendar. There wasn’t any true connection between the two software platforms – it was a major barrier. For a student on the edge already because of a life circumstance or simply busy with work and taking care of family, we have to remove each little hiccup that might cause them to throw up their hands and drop out of school.

We are looking forward to learning more strategies to encourage students to succeed. Thank you Cal State Fullerton for presenting at EDUCAUSE!


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