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CirQlive's Newly Updated Appointment Scheduler Module.

Summer Blog #1- July 11, 2022

At CirQlive, we constantly strive to add more features and functionalities to our platform. Many of these features are due to requests from you, our customers.

We got numerous requests for a way to efficiently organize secure private meetings utilizing the leading web conferencing platforms that MEETS supports, including Webex, GoTo, Zoom, BlueJeans by Verizon and RingCentral Video

Some use cases for the Edu market are private meetings, PTA meetings, counselling, tutoring, and office hours using web conferencing.

During the pandemic, as teachers, students, parents and admins we were all struggling to figure out the best way to manage our time and keep up with our own and our children's schedules, many online appointments that we had scheduled with our teachers, principals, colleagues, students, etc. got lost in the shuffle.

This may very well have been caused due to the sheer amount of links and invites sent to us, or to the lack of an organized platform for this..

CirQlive's private meeting and appointment scheduler module enables:

  • Uses our unique secure URL system (not a personal meeting room), so the meeting links are all secured and private for the attendee and host.

  • One can schedule their available slots, for a single day, week, months with a few clicks.

  • The slots can be reserved by the attendees or reserved by the teacher/admin on behalf of the attendee.

  • When reserving the slot, students/ attendees can ask a specific question to the host/ teacher.

  • The platform can be integrated to the LMS course pages using the LTI protocol or can be used as a standalone connecting to the corporate SSO platform.

CirQlive MEETS appointment scheduler
CirQlive MEETS appointment scheduler

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