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About CirQlive

CirQlive is the premier provider of reliable, secure software solutions enabling efficient use of the world’s leading web conferencing services.


CirQlive is the provider of MEETS (Media Enhanced Education & Training Suite), a platform-independent, unified communications software product that seamlessly integrates third-party platforms with industry-leading web conferencing services such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting/GoToTraining/GoToWebinar/GoToConnect and BlueJeans.


Additionally, CirQlive offers web conferencing management tools, such as media conversion, recording storage, data analytics and publishing solutions. These further streamline IT administration and deliver ease of use to the everyday web conferencing user.


CirQlive’s founding team came together in 2007, when they started working on a variety of web conferencing integration projects, primarily for online education. Realizing the increasing need for secure and reliable solutions in the expanding web conferencing market, the team created CirQlive.


CirQlive has since released MEETS, a solution integrating web conferencing with learning management systems (LMS) to provide a complete online learning solution. CirQlive MEETS has since been adopted by leading organizations, institutions and universities in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, and has become a fundamental part of their online learning programs.

Our Vision

With web conferencing technology becoming the go-to technology for live online collaboration, CirQlive aims to facilitate everyday web conferencing usage within the end-user’s environment. CirQlive is committed to continue developing innovative and reliable software, addressing the needs of this rapidly evolving industry.

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