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Ring Central Video Corporate LMS Integration

CirQlive MEETS for RingCentral Video

Utilized by leading online learning programs globally, CirQlive MEETS provides a comprehensive integration and management platform for web conferencing services with Learning Management Systems. 

CirQlive MEETS is available now for corporate LMSs that support LTI , as well as LMSs that do not support LTI.  With CirQlive MEETS, corporate LMSs can now utilize RingCentral Video services for virtual classrooms and online trainings.


LTI supported LMSs include Moodle, Bridge Totara, and Brightspace by D2l. Using its unique integration architecture, CirQlive MEETS is available for corporate LMSs and HR Management Software such as Cornerstone, SAP Litmos, SAP Successfactors, Saba, SumTotal and NetDimensions.

Built for small to large online learning and training environments, CirQlive MEETS adheres to the highest security and privacy standards.

MEETS Features Include
Schedule Web Conference
Ring Central Video Event Management
  • Support for advanced scheduling capabilities, enabling efficient scheduling of entire courses

  • Support for administrators scheduling on behalf of trainers

  • Secure session joining, assuring your online sessions and user information remains private and secure

  • Support for joining by SIP and H.323 systems directly from the LMS

  • Support for substitute and guest trainers

  • Full time-zone support

LMS Integration Administration Tools
Advanced Administration Tools
  • Support for personal calendar integration for iPhone®, Android™, Outlook, Google Calendar™ and more

  • Support for email reminders about upcoming sessions

  • Support for automated notifications about scheduled, modified and cancelled sessions

  • Support for course archiving and material reuse

  • Support for multiple staging and production LMSs with unified and filtered statistics

  • File sharing with files up to 64GB in size

  • Additional APIs for integration and statistics gathering

Web Conferencing LTI Admin Panel
Enhanced Platform Security
  • Support for advanced security standards, assuring user and session data remain secure

  • Support for multiple platforms with unique settings for each

  • Login integration with LDAP and SAML systems, including Active Directory, OpenLDAP, 389 Directory Server, Shibboleth, Okta, Ping Identity, and more

Web Conference Recordings and Attendance
Ring Central Video Recordings and Attendance
  • Support for session attendance information and spreadsheet export

  • Statistics for administrators

  • Organization of recorded RingCentral Video sessions, allowing both streaming and downloading of the recordings from within the course page

  • Support for sharing recordings securely, along with permission and time limit management

Web Conference Appointment Booking
Additional Collaboration Modules
  • Office hours module allowing leaners to book private appointments with trainers using Ring Central Video

  • Student Collaboration module allowing learners to collaborate using their RingCentral Video accounts


Web Conference LMS Integration
Dedicated Support
  • Dedicated support for the integration platform

  • 99.9% up-time, with a distinct platform for each individual organization

Support for Corporate LMSs

 CirQlive MEETS supports LMSs that support LTI including Moodle, Canvas, Totara, Blackboard Learn and Brightspace.

In the Corporate LMS space, using its unique integration architecture, CirQlive MEETS can connect to corporate Learning Management Systems, Talent Management Systems (TMSs) and Human Resources (HR) Management Software.

This includes:

- Docebo                     - Talent LMS                      - Bridge by Instructure

- Totara                        - SAP Litmos                     - iSpring Learn

- Talentsoft                  - Sumtotal                         - Cornerstone Ondemand

- Saba                          - Netdimensions LMS      - SAP Successfactors

- Thought Industries  - Skyprep                           - HealthcareSource          

MEETS is a SaaS application and no local installation is required.

If you use another LMS or HR platform, please contact us and we will be happy to add support for your platform as well.

RC LMS Integration Corporate.png
Support for RingCentral Video

MEETS offers full support for integrating RingCentral Video and web co services with the Learning Management System.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email for more information.

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