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File Storage for LMSs

CirQlive LMS File Repository

CirQlive's file repository connects to your prefered storage service. This allows your users to easily upload and download files using your storage service, with an easy to use interface in the LMS.


Further, CirQlive's proprietary file transfer technology, enables the efficient transfer of large file sizes. This means your users can conveniently transfer files, without needing to worry about site limitations during the transfer process.

CirQlive's file repository includes:

  • An easy to use interface for uploading and accessing files from within the LMS.

  • Upload and download while automatically including teacher and student permissions

  • Automatic storage of uploaded files to your organization's preferred storage service

  • Support for uploading/downloading large media files, alleviating LMS file storage limits

  • Advanced capabilities, including the ability to pause/resume uploads, as well as automatic resume of upload/download processes if the internet connection is interrupted

LMS File Storage
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