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Secure Meetings with CirQlive

SeQure Meetings
CirQlive's Secure Meetings Platform

CirQlive's Secure Meetings Platform provides an advanced security toolset for managing web conferencing meeting.

These tools enhance privacy and protection needed in fields such as medical and security.

Using its unique architecture, CirQlive's Secure Meetings Platform connects to your organization's Single Sign-on system, enforcing any security measures set by your organization's SSO.


Members of your orgnization who have web conferencing licenses can connect to their Secure Meetings Platform via your SSO system. In this platform they can schedule meetings with their web conferencing accounts, join meetings, view their meeting recordings and attendance reporting in an organized and secure manner.

This unique platform enables one to send secure meeting invite links that are protected by your organizations SSO. 

As such, one can have a internal meetings in their organization while assuring that only the members of their organization can join the session by logging in to the meeting via the organization SSO system.

CirQlive's Secure Meetings Platform also provides the same security measures for recording links, enabling one to send recording links protected by the organization SSO system. One can also set the links to expire adding another level of security.

This ensures meeting invites and recording links cannot be copied and shared with non-attendees, and provides your web conferencing meetings with the same security measures as other applications within your organization.

CirQlive Secure Meetings can be integrated with most popular LDAP and SAML systems including Active Directory, OpenLDAP, 389 Directory Server, Shibboleth, Okta and Ping Identity.

This solution can be used within your Learning Management Systems for additional security, or as a standalone product, adding an additional layer of control and security to your organization's online meetings.

CirQlive Secure Meetings supports the following web conferencing services:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Training, Cisco Webex Events

  • Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar

  • GoToConnect, GoTo Meeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar and GoToConnect

  • BlueJeans


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