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Enhance your Online Platform with CirQlive's Unique Statistics Module

Did you know that CirQlive MEETS offers unique data and analytics for enhancement of your institution's online education program?

With the growth of synchronous online learning via platforms like Zoom, Webex, GoTo, BlueJeans, RingCentral Video and more - there has been a naturally created need to manage and monitor the usage for courses, teachers, and trainers.

This information is key to assuring that the proper support is given on each organizational level- from each college, campus, and division all the way down to each individual teacher and learner.

CirQlive is proud to be the LMS integration that can offer you free, as part of our MEETS platform, a module with unique, elaborate and detailed data analytics, and statistics of your usage of the platform within the LMS.

In this module one can see information such as:

  • User information: Names and number of students, teachers and admins that use the platform

  • Course session management: Number of sessions in each course

  • Session information: Total amount of sessions, list of sessions, number of students and teachers in each session and the average course attendance data

  • Overview of the sessions- past, present, and future

  • Recordings information: List of sessions with recording, and the amount of views per recording.

  • The data can be filtered by date range.

  • One can export the data in CSV, XML and JSON, as well as print it.

  • One can also get the information via APIs, streamlining the data flow

The goal of CirQlive is to help facilitate and manage the online education experience for your teachers, students and administrators and we feel that having true and in depth usage statistics will help you with this process.

To learn more please visit the MEETS manual on this topic You are welcome to contact our online learning experts and learn more about our product at our site

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