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CirQlive January 2021 Release(Version 7.2- Google Classroom Support)

The CirQlive Team is happy to update you on some recent product enhancements.

Improved Statistics

  • Statistics for past events now includes participation information.

  • The amount of guest users is now available via statistics.

Support for non-LTI LMSs

  • Platform connections can now be created which connect to any website or service. MEETS is no longer limited to LTI-based LMSs, You can now use MEETS and its features with any portal or service within your organization, including Google Classroom

Additional Administrator Settings and Capabilities

  • Administrators can disable student access to recordings.

  • Teachers and administrators can view course users. Administrators can remove users who no longer belong.

  • Whether students are allowed to book slots themselves in the Appointment Booking module is now an administration option.

  • Administrators can now disable the main event calendar and event scheduling, enabling offering connections only for older recordings or solely for appointment booking.

Language Support

  • Added support for Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

  • Administrators can set the default site language.

  • Users can choose their own language.

Improved Appointment Booking Module

  • Improved Appointment Booking interface.

  • Appointment booking blocks/slots can be limited to the current course or deployed site-wide.

  • Teachers can book and cancel appointments on behalf of their students.

Additional Updates

  • Users can choose their own theme.

  • MEETS has dropped support for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari 8 and 9. Microsoft Internet Explorer users can switch to Microsoft Edge (now available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10). Those on older Safari versions are recommended to upgrade to a newer version. Modern versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are also recommended alternatives.

  • TLS 1.3 is now supported.

Please view the CirQlive Manuals for more information regarding using these recent updates.


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